List of V.I. Scholarships & Grants

List of V.I. Scholarships & Grants

Trevor Joseph is compiling a list of scholarships and academic grants offered in the Virgin Islands for high school, college, and graduate students and would like to ask for your help doing so.

As a graduate of UVI, he knows how frustrating it was for him to find and apply to local scholarships. Aside from a few known providers—such as Innovative and Sterling Optical—there is currently no list of scholarships that parents, students, teachers, or counselors can access.

For this reason, he is asking for your assistance. If your organization provides academic scholarships/grants to students, or you know of other establishments within the territory that do, kindly provide him the name of the entity and/or any information about the sponsor (website, email contact, etc.).

In return for your assistance, he will provide you with the curated list at your request, which you may use for your personal or business endeavors. Your consideration and assistance in this matter is greatly appreciated.

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