Successful Merchant Training Held on St. John

Successful Merchant Training Held on St. John

Working together for the benefit of all residents on St. John, the St. John Youth Coalition and the VI Department of Licensing and Consumer Affairs invited all merchants on St. John to participate in an educational seminar for Community Awareness and Compliance Training on Thursday, November 5, 2015 10:00am-12noon at the Legislature Building in Cruz Bay.

The event was a huge success with over 30 St. John merchants in attendance, plus many government department administrators and representatives.

Participants received the booklet of statutes from the Virgin Islands Department of Licensing & Consumer Affairs regarding the sale of alcohol, proximity requirements, legal holidays, and other information.

Angela D. Coleman, President of the St. John  Youth Coalition, presented the coalition’s data that had been collected over the last two years, information that was unique to  youth on St. John.  She encouraged increased awareness of youth as they attend classes at Julius E. Sprauve School and commute to high school directly beside their establishments throughout the week.

Importantly, merchants also received the coalition’s handout, “Preventing Sales of Alcohol to Minors” and received merchant education training.  They learned about Responsible Beverage Service (RBS) and available resources, including local flyers. They are all required to post the flyer regarding age requirement for alcohol sales, Be 18 or Be Gone:

Be 18 Be Gone PosterComments from the session included:

“This is wonderful.  I wish we could do this with other departments like the Department of Health.”

“Very informative.”

“Thank you for organizing this.”

“We are much more aware now.”

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